8TH FEB 2017

On 8th Feb 2017, Our nursery classes had a fieldtrip to Faunaland Ecopark Ancol. We started our tour by walking through the gate and was greeted by Kliwon ( a monkey that is raised by faunaland). He was so excited to greet us by swinging in the tree. Our nursery students started to say “Hi” and waved their hand to Kliwon. In Ecopark also, we went into the bird island, went to the farm to see donkeys, kangaroo, turtles, and pony horses. We also went to Faunaland, It’s a bird show. We gathered in one big place to sit down and watched the bird shows.


At the Ecopark, we learned a lot about animals, we had fun that day, and some of our students were braved enough tried to feed, and even to took a picture with the animals.